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Eagle Stone Kitchen & Bath is your one-stop solution for remodeling projects.

Complete design, supply, and installation managed from our store at Venice.

Trust our experience with materials and contractors to handle your kitchen & bath remodel from start to end. We will ensure your newest home space is delivered on-time and on-budget.

Showroom at Venice and Appointments in Sarasota

At our showroom, we will get to know you better and provide inspiration, leading you through interior displays and samples of natural stones and quartz countertops.
Alternatively, we can also go to your house. Call us, we’d love to talk this over the phone.


Our Services

Find out more about how we can help your house become even more beautiful.

How we work

Learn how we will bring your dream kitchen or bathroom to life


Meet Up

Let’s meet and get to know each other. One of our experts will take time to understand your needs and personal style, we can even start drafting your design.


Home Visit

If you so wish, we can cover this at the first meet up as well. We will measure your house space and discuss your project in-depth going over details like timeline and estimates.


First Draft

After fully taking in all your goals and wishes, we will present you the first draft of your project, before and after 3D renders and all project details. We can work together to refine the design as much as you wish.

Completely free of charge

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Closing the Deal

Once everything is to your liking, we move on to closing the deal. When all the agreements are signed your remodeling project is ready to start.


Special Financing

If necessary a 12-month no-interest financing is available to qualifying purchases.*
*Subject to credit approval


Contract Execution

One of our managers will follow up on your contract from beginning to end ensuring all goes as planned and providing you with all necessary support.

We’re all about making our customers’ dreams come true

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